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All DONE! *(Almost)

25 Jun

We are so thrilled that the stoop restoration is all done! Well, that is, except for the final acid wash, which we didn’t realize would be happening. Apparently it takes a few weeks for the pigment to come to the surface on the brownstone steps, which they then acid wash away as the final step.  Beyond that slight color variation, the work is absolutely exceptional. The added detail is stunning and the overall feel is just wonderful.  Thank you sincerely to Brownstone Authority for their beautiful efforts.

The ironwork is equally transformative. Originally covered in layers of peeling thick brown paint, all that paint was removed and the ironwork underneath completely restored.  A number of balusters and both newel posts were replaced, railings were repaired, the fence and under stoop door were straightened and strengthened. I challenge anyone to figure out which components are replaced and which are restored – the care and attention taken by Forerunner Creations is really awe inspiring. We are so grateful that we found them for this work and know our ironwork could not have been in better hands. You can see more photos of their work on their website and on their Facebook page.

So, without further ado, our after photos:

IMG_7595 (1)

Oh hello! Come on in. Gate entirely stripped and repaired. Flipped around so it is now on the steadier side of the fence and much less likely to warp going forward. Beautiful new latch.

IMG_7600 (1)

The front view. Aaaaaaaaaah! So beautiful.


The gate under the stoop with the new detail in the brownstone work. The new mailbox is by America’s Finest Mailboxes. It’s much larger than our old mailbox, though we will miss the old medallion.


The newly straightened fence with all finials restored. The bottom rail needed replacing to keep it looking in great shape for years to come.


One of the newly cast newel posts. Cast from the original, the cap is still the original piece but the remainder is from new materials. Amazing work.


A view from our neighbor’s yard of their side of the stoop. Big thanks to them for allowing us access and for allowing our crew to remove the plants to make the job possible. We are really lucky to have such great neighbors.


One more view of the complete staircase.

Like the tender buds of May…the balusters are blooming

2 Jun

Installation is here! A few shots from yesterday’s work by the wonderful folks at Forerunner Creations. We had the pleasure of seeing all the pieces unveiled in the morning yesterday, and they are a beauty to behold.  It is clearly a puzzle to put the components back so they perfectly align with the new stoop configuration, and rail 1 is shaping up very nicely. Most of the balusters on this side are restored rather than replaced, and the handrail is about 90% original.


10 little soldiers.


The newly cast newel without the finial.


All installed, awaiting its mate.


Side view.