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Ironwork update May 2016

18 May

Spring is here and our ironwork is not far behind! We are thrilled with the progress made on our ironwork and are looking forward to an installation in the coming weeks. It sounds as if several components were worse off than originally projected (namely, the newel posts), but Forerunner Creations is doing an amazing job replicating the components in materials that will withstand 100+ more years of sleet, snow, rain and ice, much less the vagaries of humid summer here in Brooklyn. We are grateful for their efforts, precision to detail and sincere desire to make this project a showpiece.

Casting for the replicated newel post.

Casting for the replicated newel post.


Baluster molds.


Components of the newly cast newel posts.


A thing of beauty: the newel posts standing proud.


All our ducks in a row.