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Stage 2 complete: scratch coat!

30 Mar

Phase 2 of the stoop restoration has been completed! The old steps were actually in pretty good shape, but the need to restore the ironwork meant than now was the right time to re-brownstone the steps. The area under the stoop had started to deteriorate a bit and there were some scars from the general renovation on the steps themselves, so although it is hard to take on such a big project all at once, we hope to not have to do it again in our lifetime!

Two pieces of great news: there was actually some beautiful original detail, covered over the years, which our great brownstone contractor J. Mos Browstone Authority was able to restore. It really adds a beautiful component that we can’t wait to see when the restoration is complete.

J. Mos and his entire team have been great throughout the process. On time, hard-working, extremely nice and very detailed in their efforts. The scratch coat alone is a thing to behold. Enjoy!

Detail on the side of the steps after demo.

Detail on the side of the steps after demo.


Detail on the side of the steps after scratch restoration

Under the stoop after demolition.

Under the stoop after demolition.


Under the stoop after scratch restoration.

Header above the gate after scratch restoration.

Header above the gate after scratch restoration.





Ironwork and stoop repair!

1 Mar

Hi all! I can’t believe it has been just over 2 years since we’ve posted. We’ve been living in our wonderful home and everything inside is still fantastic. The ironwork out front and the stoop, however, had not been refurbished with the rest of our project due to a lack of funds at the end of our renovation. Now that we’ve had a chance to recover a bit, we are tackling this work.

We were thrilled that the house retained its original ironwork out front, but the years have left it somewhat unstable and in need of attention. We searched and searched for the right company to restore the railings and our fence to its original glory, and we finally put a team together and are getting started.

We are so excited that Forerunner Creations will be doing the ironwork restoration and Brownstone Authority Inc. will be doing the stoop re-brownstoning. I attach a few before photos. More soon!

IMG_4271 IMG_4272 IMG_4273 IMG_4275 IMG_4276 IMG_4277