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Hello world!

28 Jul

Today is a day we weren’t sure would ever happen: the day we’d begin to catalog the journey that brought us to our new home in Brooklyn.  Like many who dream of an idyllic life for their family that doesn’t involve apartment living, long commutes from the suburbs or terrible schools, we set our sights on brownstone Brooklyn about a year and a half ago with stars in our eyes and reigning optimism. 100+ house tours, 3 different cities, 9 different sublets, 2 failed offers and many hours of conversation about what we really wanted in life later, we were convinced it would never happen.  We kept taking 2 and 3 month sublets in the hopes that “something would come up” before we would ultimately give up.  Sure enough, days into our avowed last short term sublet and mere weeks after nearly committing to a long-term rental, we found our home: a for sale by owner with a sign in the window. We called, we viewed, we offered, we agreed and suddenly, our ground had finally solidified under our feet.

This will be our journey to making our new house our home. Having renovated an apartment previously, we do have some insight into what lays ahead, but a house is of course a greater adventure and thus (hopefully) worthy of documentation. We hope to use this platform to keep friends and family apprised of our progress, and to perhaps help others in the midst of their own renovation projects.  We’ve taken great inspiration from blogs, Pinterest and Houzz and hope that our amassed information will be useful to others.  So, welcome! Buckle your seatbelts – I suspect we’re in for a wild ride.